Cellular emulator, COM3 in use please verify

I was trying to set up the cellular emulator with the windows mobile emulator on my laptop when the cellular emulator spat out "COM3 in use, please verify". I knew it was another classic case of some application holding a port and another application failing because of it. Such problems are usually solved by changing the order of installing those application. To find a solution I binged around (yes! I bing :) and found this msdn forum link.

No surprise that many people had already gone through this. Had a hunch that one of my bluetooth services was holding down on that port. I had to find a way to make the cellular emulator use another port, so I went about searching the registry. While the search was going on, I was reading through the forum thread and it mentioned about bluetooth services holding down on a number of ports. I disabled my bluetooth device and then re-enabled it. And then when I opened Cellular Emulator, it came up on COM3. How in the world!

I guess my disabling and re-enabling of the bluetooth device must have somehow freed COM3. By that time I had reached the end of the thread and there was a solution suggested which involved changing your registry keys. Well, I didn’t have to do that.

Update: Next post.

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