Cellular emulator and Device Emulator, COM port issues

Well, it looks like the magic that made the cellular emulator come up on COM3 in my previous post was not long lived. Once the cellular emulator came up, I started the device emulator and tried to set the "Serial Port 0" of the emulator to COM3, so that the device and the cellular emulator can talk to each other and that is where it went boom! Threw a message saying something like, "Unable to open COM3, cannot find the file specified". All my efforts to fiddle with disabling and enabling the bluetooth services went in vain. I tried for about an hour scouring the net to find some info that could help me. I knew that uninstalling the bluetooth software from my laptop (WIDCOMM bluetooth stack) might solve the problem. But I was looking for a work around and saving me the trouble of a re-install. I tried to change the registry settings for the cellular emulator to make it use another port like COM8, COM9, COM10 etc but all failed. I either got "Access denied" or "cannot open file specified" error. And when I finally ran out of options I did uninstall the bluetooth software from my machine. Tried the device emulator, cellular emulator thingy and it worked. I could make incoming calls and send recieve sms’s. Then I installed the bluetooth software back on. Success! Both BT and emulators are working in harmony (:

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