Applications: Process Viewer update

I noticed that I hadn’t added the filename associated with the process in the Process Info section last time. It struck me when looked at the PViewCE sample, which I mentioned about in this post.

So I thought why not add the filename label, could anything else be simpler!

I edited the dialog to include another static text control and added the code in AllignComponents() to beautify the control. But a small hiccup, when I ran the program just to test if it was displayed correctly, it wasn’t to be seen. And then I remembered that the group box hides it. Darn, not again! So I went back removed the group control, added the static text and then added the group control back on. The control displayed correctly. Use GetModuleFileName() api to get the filename associated with the process.

WINAPI DWORD GetModuleFileName(HMODULE hModule, LPWSTR lpFileName, DWORD nSize);

The api takes the module handle for which the filename is requested, a buffer to hold the filename and finally the size of the buffer.

For hModule, you can pass the th32ProcessID member of the PROCESSENTRY32 structure after casting it to HMODULE.

Here is how I called the function in ShowProcInfo():

TCHAR filename[256] = TEXT("Unknown");

if(GetModuleFileName((HMODULE)pProcess->th32ProcessID, filename, sizeof(filename)/sizeof(TCHAR)))


Here are a few screen shots:

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