Windows Phone 7 – The pre-NoDo update

A quick post, about two days back I got a notification on my HD7 saying that there is a update available to be installed. Yes, it was the pre-nodo update that you might have read about on the windows phone blog. Just installed it, and it completed without any hitch. Reading several reports about some devices having trouble installing the update (particularly the Samsung ones) and some even getting bricked, I was wary at first. I waited two days and there were no reports of issues with any of the HTC devices. I went ahead and installed it today.

The only downside is that you might need a lot of space on your primary drive, close to 8GB for me, depending on how much data your phone contains. The update process backs up all the data in your phone, just in case something goes horribly wrong. The whole process took about 45 minutes, majority of the time for data backup. The OS version was updated from 7.0.7004.0 to 7.0.7008.0.

Now if we could just get the NoDo update.

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  1. I glanced over your topics and MAN, I immediately found your RSS feed and popped into my RSSBandit! Sweet!

    re the update
    I COMPLETELY agree with you on trying to free up as much space on the phone before doing the update.
    I did mine last night and had to try twice before my last ditch effort was to remove some “things” (apps, their isolated storage, etc) from the phone. I have one of those Samsung Focus ones that people have been having probs with. I poked around (I guess I did like you) to find out what exactly changed with the version numbers, and I have the same version number as you.

    hhhmm I would have thought if it was a NEW update, the version numbers would have changed, even just slightly? But they didn’t…..did the update change, or stuff around it? Don’t know, BUT I do know it worked last night!

    Thanks for the tip on the phone space! Great advice for everyone else!

  2. Thanks for subscribing.

    Actually I never spoke about free space on the device :) In fact I didn’t know it until you mentioned it, I was talking about freeing up space on the primary drive of your PC. Thanks for mentioning it though…

  3. My HD7 is still using v.7.0.7004.0. Under ‘phone update’ in settings, my phone says ‘no updates found’. When I plug the phone into my pc and open Zune to check on updates, its says that my phone is up to date. What gives?

    1. Well, that is strange. I’ve heard a few people mention that their version number does not change after the update.

  4. Also an hd7 here and no update. Not a case where the version number doesn’t change after updating, but a case of checking every day since the announcement and not receiving any update at all.

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