Fun with menus! update on Part I

If you remember Fun with menus! Part I, then you’ll also remember that we were able to get two different popup menus on the left and the right softkeys. Morin Marco contacted me through the same post and via email, explaining that the code wasn’t working for him. We had a few mail exchanges and exchanges on the post too. It wasn’t clear why the same code wasn’t working for him, until he sent the screen shots of his problem. Turns out he was trying the code on the latest emulator, Windows Mobile 6.5.3. And when I installed the 6.5.3 emulator and ran the code, the result was the same. Here are a few screen shots of the same code running on different emulators:

On the 6.5 emulator


 On the 6.5.3 emulator


So from what we concluded, the functionality has been disabled by Microsoft on the latest emulator, which is a good thing because having popup menus on the left and the right softkeys wasn’t recommended by them in the first place. 

Update 1:
See this MSDN forum thread.

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